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20 Christmas Ornaments For for the Newlyweds OR the Newly Engaged Couple

It seems like EVERYONE you know is getting married or engaged. Isn't it WONDERFUL!?

*sweats profusely*

In all seriousness, it is wonderful…what’s NOT wonderful is racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift to celebrate your newly engaged or newly married besties.

A heartfelt, sentimental keepsake that they will actually LOVE and appreciate? A CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT! It's the perfect gift for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a gift for both parties (not just the bride).

  2. They won’t have to feel obligated to display an item, or at least take it out of its box and dust it off any time you’re coming over.

  3. It’s a momento they can hang on their tree for a short time, and be reminded, not only of the happy memories of their wedding or engagement, but of their thoughtful friend who gifted them the lovely piece.

Here are The Pre Nup’s 2022 Ornament Picks by price point!



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