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Wedding Planners Don't Gatekeep- 5 Bridal Secrets Revealed

1. Where is the best place to buy fake flowers for my wedding?

Rent from Something Borrowed Blooms- you won't need to worry about trying to resell or reuse + more eco-friendly. Their flowers are gorgeous, realistic, and even smell amazing.

2. Biggest mistake brides make when planning their weddings:

Focusing solely on planning/perfecting and neglecting relationship/self care.

3. One skincare product every bride should have:

The Holy Grail. P50, baby. It is worth the hype. Every girl of marrying age should be using a chemical exfoliant. This will give you GLOWING bridal skin in 50 days. Smoother, brighter, tighter, smaller pores, fewer breakouts. It smells like children's paint, but its worth it. *DO NOT start using if your wedding is less than 2 months away. Your skin may go through a purging period*.

4. One thing that brides focus too much on that no one notices:

Signature Drinks

5. One thing you recommend to brides to look & feel their best on their wedding day:

The Pre Nup Bridal Planner. Think 5 Minute Journal, but for bridal self care. It's the easiest way to set, track, and achieve your goals through the business of wedding planning.



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